Pathcheck Diabetic Profile

Sample Required :  WB-EDTA , Plasma-Sodium Fluoride
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Why should you book this package?

  • Experience sudden weight gain/loss
  • If you're experiencing excessive thirst
  • If you're experiencing increase in urination

What is a HbA1c test?

A HbA1c blood test measures the average percentage of blood sugar (glucose) attached to your hemoglobin over the past 3 months. The lifespan of a human red blood cell is approximately 115 days. Thus, the HbA1c blood test measures the three-month average of blood sugar in the body. A Hba1c blood test is also known as a glycated hemoglobin test or hemoglobin A1c test.

A general physician may recommend a HbA1c blood test for the following reasons:

  • To perform a diabetes check to monitor if diabetic individuals on medication have their HbA1c levels within the normal range.
  • The hemoglobin A1c test can also be used to diagnose diabetes, alongside fasting blood sugar tests.


  • Path Care will allocate a certified lab technician 12-24 hours before your scheduled slot.
  • Samples will be collected at your house by the Path Care phlebotomist in the scheduled slot.
  • Your reports will be sent to you via mail within 48 hours of sample collection.


8-10 Hours Fasting

Tests Included
Glucose - Fasting
Glycosylated Hemoglobin (GHb/HbA1c)